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Suka Lee Outlander

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(Above image credit to the wonderful artist Silana/Misha =^_^=)

Greetings all whom stumble across my humble lil' part of the net.

Nothing new from me in quite sometime now, I am sorry about that, But i'm still ever present here, Watching over those who are still blessed with inspiration and giving them my best wishes. : )

Hope eternally, Love forever, Laugh more often, And leave this world loving every minute of it.

Best of luck all,

Suka Lee Outlander

To all 31 of my fans, I give you my sincerest thanks for staying a friend through my absence of uploads, Even those 4 who stay shrouded.

~My eternal Love, Admiration and thanks to my dearest Silana/Misha whom made my most beautiful profile pictures possible, My thanks to you dearest luv, It's my highest honore to call myself your soulmate, You're truly one of a kind my love, my heart, my life, and all I love I have to give, I have thanks to you. I love, Love LOVE you SOOOOO very VERY much dearest =^_^= <33333333~

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Joined Aug 23, 2004
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Location North Manchester, Indiana, USA
Occupation Lion loving certian white, winged lioness dearly. <33
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"No man's journey is fully complete till he or she has seen that the true full circle of life is not simply walking in circles of confusion or anger, nor seeing that the other side of the hill may not be the greenest, merely his home he dwells in... Look not to the greener side... As many may call it. Yet look to the green in one's domain.
Not even the vastest of deserts is devoid of life and hope. Where ever there is life and love, The circle continues forever."

Likes: Listening to music, Being out in nature, Daydreaming of the future, Playing PS2, NDS, Xbox 360, but the most important thing to me under the sun, moon, and stars is my dearest friend, truest soulmate and gf, Silana I love Love LOVE you SOOOO very Very much dearest =^^= <33333 -glomps you with such affection and gives you the biggest hug- <333 :3

Dislikes: Arrogant people, Mosquitoes, Really hot/humid weather, Bratwurst, Swiss cheese, and Black licorice. (Tastes like bug killer. >>)

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Type 4</td> Sensitivity</td> ||||||||||||||||</td> 63% </td> </tr>
Type 5</td> Detachment</td> ||||||||||||||||||</td> 73% </td> </tr>
Type 6</td> Anxiety</td> ||||||||||||||</td> 60% </td> </tr>
Type 7</td> Adventurousness</td> ||||||||||||</td> 50% </td> </tr>
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19:40 Sat 12/5/2009
Hey there Suka! ^_~ hehe Just thought I'd stop by and say hi, and give lots of hugs ^^ *hugs ya LOTS* x3 hehe Keep up the amazing artwork ^_~ And thanks for the wonderful comments :D *clings* <333

*EDIT* - I love you so very much =^^= <3333 *hugs lovingly*

12:52 Mon 12/29/2008
It's Suka!!! *hugs hey! Just saw your page and thought I'd say hi! Hope you're doing good. Great pics too :)

09:33 Wed 10/8/2008
*falls in randomly, then sits up and dusts self off* Ahem...Sukaaaaaa! *cling* XD

I spy some awesome art in this corner of the FAA universe! :D

I looove how detailed each of your pics are :> and your backgrounds = <3

I know you say you wont upload much, but Imma watch youuu~ coz you're muchos awesome and mayyybe one day you'll upload and Imma see it when you do! >D and comment too! Muahahaha *grins*

Yus your [and TD's XD] Louimon isnt going anywhere :D

So hopefully see something from you in the near future ;D

- Teh LouichuFonzMon XD *gives superawesomespecial cookies*

00:53 Sat 5/19/2007
lovely art!!

00:47 Wed 12/6/2006
Have I commented on you before??

Anyway Great art you got here! You have a unique style, so keep it up!!

16:10 Sun 12/3/2006
Great art! I can see you're a real Outlander fan! So am I. Keep up the good work.

19:34 Tue 9/12/2006
YA nice artwork if I may Can I please Have for my Prize a Picture of Riku. any background is fine. ps. Love your artwork >=D
Refrence of Riku=

20:13 Thu 9/7/2006
Anto J Lareneg
XD Uhhhh I saw you just left because of my away message. O_O; It's not a serious message at all.. in aim you can put %n in the message and it will replace %n with the screen name of whoever messages you. I just set it up to say anyone that messaged me made me sad.. D:

..... I should really stop using those. ~has upset people before with them~

13:20 Wed 9/6/2006
Lily the pink
hello there...

you have some fantastic artwork's here, keep up the super work :)

10:07 Wed 9/6/2006
Vicount Anagram Ramset
Whoa...all this time, and I see I've failed to call upon you, my servant. *grins*

You are the best kind of friend one could hope for...and I envy your loyalty.

Just letting you know, I'll be entering your contest...only sorry that the entry is so bloody late. *laughs*

hope you'll accept my apologies?

--Master V

edit: *smiles*
Thank you for your kind're always here when I need to talk to you...

and...well, I feel the need to upload it anyway, for Servant's sake...
My thanks!

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