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Aries, Demon-wolf King of Blood

Owner: Stephieelou

Oooo spooky.
This is Aries, and he is in need of a good home. His demonizing ability was blocked by those two bracelets he has, and he also has special powers with birds (avians especially). That supposedly explains those feathers down his back. Drawing first improves your chances, like, a lot, and I'd like to see him go to a good home where he'll be taken care of. XD

(Adopted from ShadowLight)


Owner: Stephieelou

Trible lion

has a trible markin on shoulders and eye with piercings in ear.. his name'charles' is from my grandpa who passed away yesterday and will be sadly missed .. so i dedicated this to him xx


Owner: Stephieelou


female puma light pink/white colour with purple eyes and spots which look like diamonds.


Owner: Stephieelou


white lion black mane, spots on arm stripes on back,

Mizu the wize

Owner: Stephieelou

water lion

Mizu the wize born with the element gift of water and vast knowlage. kind but firm in his actions.
(Adopted from Kohaku)


Owner: Stephieelou

She most often gose by the nick-name Mebana. Hana was given the gift of controling plants. She finds it amusing to lure people into fatal situations that are nearly impossible to escape.

(Adopted from Kohaku)


Owner: Stephieelou

For Dittzy
This character was made just for you.
I hope you like him ;3

(Adopted from Kohaku)
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