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I HAVE A NEW SPECIES CALLED XYDRA. They are open, but LIMITED so send me an email or leave a comment!!! (also check the bulletin board) ATTENTION: when you ask for one, I will not draw it, and instead, you can draw it yourself ^^ (that way u can have more freedom in the way of colors and things, but please, stick to the ref sheet ;))
<b>Red</b>: <i>OPEN</i> <b>Yellow</b>: <i>OPEN</i> <b>Green</b>: <i>OPEN</i> <b>Blue</b>: <i>ME LOL</i> <b>Light Blue</b>: <i>OPEN</i> <b>Orange</b>: <i>X-Tigra</i> <b>Purple</b>: <i>*~Snickers~*</i> <b>White</b>: <i>Peculiar</i>
Requests: CLOSED
1) Happy Lion (DONE)
2) SafiSafi-SushiSushi(DONE)
3) Ayako (DONE)
4) Caleigh (DONE)
5) Madiifiasco (DONE)
Trades: OPEN
1) Zira001

A music player for all my visitors!! X3 *favorite song is all along the watchtower*
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*is obsessed with Warriors* O_O

<a href=""><img src=""; border=0></a><br><font size="1"><b>Pet's name:</b> Lionclaw <br><a href="">Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!</a></font>
He is the cat I've never had ^^

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Hello fellow artist! Yep. Just another 16 year old guy drawing Lion King >.< lol i'm like the only one in my school that is a guy that likes to draw Lion King XD but that's alright with me, as it is very fun ^^ I hope to make friends and help others out on this site =)
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