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<center> Hello all! :3 Come and peek at my gallery. I usually don't bite (to kill). Feel free to talk to me in English or Spanish, porque yo necesito practicar mi espaƱol :3

Previous username: Tesserae
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Feb. 16, 2014, 10:04 a.m.
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Ti Ne Si Fe

10:02 Wed 1/28/2015
Rixen 13
Hey tesserae. Your drawings are really amazing. I like them.

12:54 Sat 8/30/2014
Hey, can we do an Art Trade? :D I love your art, and would be honored to trade with you! <3

*EDIT* Yay, thank you so much! ^^ I think that my Amai would look fabulous in your adorable style!
And who can I draw for you? =3

*EDIT* Sure! Since I see she does not have an official reference, I assume I am to take her colors from this picture?
Is there anything else to know about her design so I can draw her accurately? =3 Thanks!

*EDIT* Oh, okay! Thank you very much! <3

*EDIT* Oh, you're making another? Okay! Thanks so much for doing all this, it really helps ^^

*EDIT* Hey there, Tess! I just wanted to say thanks again for the icon you made of Kipawa - she looks so adorable! Thank you! ^^

17:45 Thu 5/1/2014
Happy birthday Tesserae :D hope you have a good birthday :)

13:57 Fri 3/7/2014
Hihi :)

I think it's great you're getting help for ALoP but I just want to be clear that I have not nor will I give up complete control or any rights to the game or anything it contains. I'm merely taking a break and will be back soon enough.

I'm going to sit back and see how the game runs with Awesomesauce taking over for awhile but there are going to be changes and I will be coming back.

ALoP for now is just in a kind of trial mode.

Hopefully I can clear things up and make things simpler and be ready to return soon enough!

22:59 Thu 3/6/2014
hey hey so i would love to help out with the ALoP responsibilities, though I have a pack schedule in life right now so it would be preferrable if i was able to do something monthly-related, like handing out reprimands or lion of the month or something like that!

edit: cool! keep me updated :> you can also email me if that's easier

16:00 Thu 3/6/2014
Hey so *Night* gave me the table with everyone's information on it. I think that I will have the leaders send me the feathers and EXP. You can help keep track as well and send them to me to update them. My email is And you can email me so we can figure more stuff out.

10:34 Thu 3/6/2014
Hey Tesserae, I saw your bulletin about ALoP. I wasn't sure who was going to take over for *Night*, But I figured it was probably to much for one person. I was already thinking of helping out who ever took over. I would be more than happy to help and take on some responsibilities for ALoP. I would love to help out in any way possible :)

00:47 Thu 3/6/2014
Edit 3/5/14:Can I have you do Erin?
Thanks! :D
I would like to help out with ALoP if I can as well, just let me know what I can help with :D

Edit: I'm fine with that if you are :)

Edit:I was referring to your bulletin about the gift art, sorry. Was on my phone and it wasn't cooperating. I was wanting you to do one of my chars as well :)

Has anyone requested a pic from ya? I saw it on the bulletin. :)

10:03 Fri 2/28/2014
Sukala A.P.
Hi, Tess! I saw your bulletin, and i would like to request a pic of my ALoP related character, Huduma. Just take your time. ;)

23:48 Thu 2/27/2014
Hi there :) Saw your bulletin, and if you're still doing the gifts/requests, I'd love one of any of my characters :) Thanks!

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