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Hello lovelies - thanks for stopping by my gallery! Feel free to drop me a comment anytime! I've peen painfully inactive on here, but you can find more of my work below...
- Art Trades: OPEN
- Requests: OPEN
- Commissions: OPEN (see the deets below)
<b>Current Trades/Requests:</b>

None currently.
<b>Off-Topic Works:</b>
<a href="">Flickr</a><br><br>;
<a href="">Instagram</a><br><br>;
<a href="">DeviantArt</a><br><br>;
<a href="">Project Hellion (my WIP Novel)</a><br><br>
<a href="">Raining September Photography (my Photography Business)</a>
<b>Commission Prices:</b><br><br>
$8 ~ Color head shot, single character (+$5 per extra character)
$12 ~ Full body, colored single character w/ white BG (+$8 per extra character)
$20 ~ Single character w/ fully colored and detailed BG (+$8 per extra character)

<i>[last updated: 10/14/14]</i>

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Joined Aug 29, 2008
First Upload Aug 29, 2008
Latest Upload Oct 14, 2014
Age/Birthday Sep 7, 1990 (age 28)
Gender Female
Location OC, Oregon
Occupation Professional Photographer, Raining September Photography
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Website http://rainingseptemberphot...
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Hello all! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to have a look at meh profile. I'm assuming that if you're stopping buy, you want to know more about Spider and/or me. With that being said I might add that we're pretty much one in the same. Spider is mostly my dark/morbid side personified (Anthro like my profile pic or lionized in my on-topic art). So . . . more info for you to gobble up. *nom nom*


- Photography (journalism style portraits)
- Digital art (photoshop based graduated style colorings)
- Drawing/sketching (pencil or charcoal)
- Painting (canvas or murals)

I currently have 4 fictional novels in the works that I do for fun and whenever I have time (which is never) and when I don't have writer's block (which I have 90% of the time). Some day I'll finish 'em. Hopefully . . .

Musical Influences:

- Coheed & Cambria
- Linkin Park
- Florence + the Machine
- Lana Del Ray
- Data Romance

- The Hunger Games Trilogy
- Shiver Trilogy
- Harry Potter Series

Video Games:
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask / Twilight Princess / Skyward Sword
- Portal / Portal 2
- Bioshock: Infinite
- Mario Party

- Cobalt: 4-year-old, dark gray, domestic shorthair cat
-Banksy: 6-month-old, dark gray, domestic shorthair kitten
-Tasha: 2-year-old, German Shepherd/Husky mix
-10gal, tropical, freshwater fish tank
- Finch: my wonderful hubby for more than 6 years running
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