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Sketchy Gin

Hello, I'm new here, and I hope you enjoy my gallery~

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00:46 Wed 10/6/2010
07:50 Fri 10/1/2010
15:02 Wed 9/29/2010
09:23 Wed 9/29/2010
08:28 Wed 9/29/2010
09:51 Tue 9/28/2010
09:49 Tue 9/28/2010

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Joined Sep 28, 2010
First Upload Sep 28, 2010
Latest Upload Oct 10, 2010
Age/Birthday Aug 1, 1995 (age 23)
Gender Female
Location Finland
Occupation I'm not saying it here~
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Website http://sominekui.deviantart...
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Sketchy Gin has just got into TLK-styled art, and is not so good at it yet.
And I call myself "Sketchy Gin" here because my style's very sketchy, not as clear as most here have, and Gin because I think he'll be representing me here. ^^
I'm more known as Sominekui on my dA page, do visit~
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