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Simba The Mighty

Nothing too interesting going on here because I just can't draw. at least not yet, but maybe someday...

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Wow... you must be lost or something to look into my profile. Well sense you did, I guess I can write something about myself to make your visit worth a while.

So I live in Finland, but I'm considering moving out to US as my Girlfriend lives there. I have quite a busy life as if I'm in Finland I mostly study and work most of my time and when I'm not. I'm not online too much sense me and my girlfriend have only a few months the most to spend together before we must be separated again and wait for at least a few months to see again. I work as a Newspaper delivery guy, but unlike in many countries I make quite a lot considering I have no diploma of any kind. I'm studying in Night high school because I was in cooking school for 2.5 years until I found out it's not for me and quit. So yeah, that's my life at the moment in nutshell... Not much more I can think of telling tough I think that most of you that are reading this, actually know the stuff I told already.
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