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TLKFAA will always be my roots. For everything I've learned and the friends I've made here, I am infinitely thankful. C:
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Visit me at my <b><font size="2"><A href=""; target="_blank" title="Vist me here for even more art!">deviantART</a></font></b> account, where I'm more actively uploading these days.
Please have some integrity and don't use my art without my consent. It's not that hard to send an <a href="">email</a>. I'm easy to talk to. Thanks.
(<a href="">Email Abigail</a>)

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'Ello! Uhh...Thanks, I guess, for being curious enough to click your way in here. :3

So, yeah, hi. I'm the gal behind the lioness. I don't consider myself a "furry"; I prefer to avoid that term at all costs. But I love furry critters and FLOOFY stuff. ;3

Lions are my favorite animal. It's only no surprise that THE LION KING is my all-time favorite movie. I mean, what can I say? I absolutely love The Lion King. I have since I saw it when I was about 5 years old. There's something so magical about it. Every time I watch the powerful scenes in the movie, chills run up and down my spine. And with every new time I watch it, I find something esle to appreciate.

So, yeah. I'm very glad to be here, part of a great website on which I can share my fanart with others. Hope you like what you see!

(Sincerest thanks to Brian and his magnificent for bringing out the artist in me and giving me the perseverance for...not only art, but to be the person I am and will be. Highest of thanks to God, my Heavenly Father, for giving me a mind to create and hands to draw. I am nothing without You, Lord.)

Love ya! Keep roarin'!


June 15, 2009
Hi I know you don't visit very much but I need to say thank you. A long time ago I was on google searching for Simba and Nala pictures for my desktop and I stumbled upon a picture of Simba and Nala sitting on Pride Rock in the snow and I was blown away... I discovered this site and I need to thank you for creating the picture that made me discover this wonderful site and in turn inspired me to start drawing again. So thank you. :)

Dec. 8, 2008

Sept. 6, 2008
simba girl!! hey!! lol umm why dont you upload anymore? you didnt upload in like forever!!! :(


i have da its lionking17

ill will go find you there.. im on right now,.. ^^

Aug. 8, 2008
Hey, do you know if the artist ,Evana,has another art account? *sigh* She was a good artist like you, and I just wish I could see some more of her art. I feel bad for her, ppl
were stealin her art. do u know, Simba girl or any other users know if she has one?
PS I love your art keep up the awesome work!!!

Simba girl if you ever read this could you put a comment on my gallery? I feel so seems all the artists are leaving.......*sobs*

April 29, 2008
&#963;&#959;&#961;&#961;&#965; &#966;&#959;&#961; &#964;&#951;&#945;&#964;!

Feb. 22, 2008
hi can i do a art trade with u plzs NOT CANNON plzs

Feb. 4, 2008
Arlissa D. Smith
wow, you are an amazing artist, thanks so much for leaving me a comment, sorry it took so long for me to reply, anyways, keep up the good work, I added one new pic, might add some more,lol, take care :)

Oct. 25, 2007
Layla E.
Hey! you have awesome art! Really good!
and that's soooo coool that you're a christian!! I am too! = D
I get so excited when I find other christian artists on this site!

Aug. 28, 2007
Hi SimbaGirl!
Wow you have such great art! You're amazingly skilled! :3

Aug. 11, 2007
You have earned my heart!

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