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Hello everybody!

Thanks for checking by and welcome to my little gallery here over on TLKFAA.

TLKFAA is the site that really managed to push me off to the world of real art and showed me what's it like over on the internet.

I'm more than thrilled to come back in here, even tho it's still not revived as it used to be. Thanks to Brian and the renewed site, I'm pretty sure more people will stop by from now on!

If you'd like more updates on me and my life or see my traditional artwork, see here:
Updated: 16:31 Fri 8/12/2016

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Hey So I'm back to spread happiness and love <3
Also known as Thantes, Kuteswa or Helliswhatyouneed !

Dec. 10, 2015
came by to say happy birthday, hope you have a good day.

also keep up your great work, i'll be looking forward to seeing more :)

edit: that's alright :)
you can upload when you can, i will be looking out for more art from you

edit: wow, been over two years since I last commented D:
hey, are you still around I wonder?

Dec. 19, 2011
Hey! i love your art ^-^ hope your not mad at me :c

Dec. 18, 2011
Hey Angel, love your gallery here and on dA! You have some beautiful artwork. <3

Nov. 30, 2011
Hi, I come from Slovakia, too. You draw amazing. Fascinated me as someone can draw on PC, I am just starting with it, but I hope that once I would draw like you.

Ahoj, ja som tiež zo SR. Kreslíš úplne nádherne. Fascinuje ma ako tak niekto vie kresli&#357; na PC, ja len za&#269;ínam. Sná&#271; raz budem kresli&#357; ako ty.


Nov. 27, 2011
Edit: Oh ok then :) Ive been thinking of the same recently but i never get round to it XD

Can we know your new username or have we gotta find you ? lol

Oct. 6, 2010
Wolf 777
hey Butt :) Wolf 777 here but you can call me Wolfie if you want i don't mind :) *starts to cry* please don't leave forever i love you as an artist and i love your art so please reconsider :( *grabs Zeffi's waist and holds on tight*

Sept. 12, 2010
U r an awesome artist!! I am one of ur fans, so I really hope that u don't leave!! Ur art rockz!!!! :3

*Edit* Ur welcome! and Glad to hear it! (And I just saw something on ur front page "artist comments" that said something abut you maybe leaving... haha! I just read it the wrong way!! ;) So sorry bout that! x3 But ur art still rocks, either way! :3

Aug. 20, 2010
I have read your bulletin can you do for me Toro? I will be wery pleased :-)
Here is Link

I see you speak slovalia and czeh, well I speak Polish which is very simular xD Tak ?

Aug. 13, 2010
Hi I´m from Czech republick and I really like your art.
I saw you are from Slovakia. Maybe we can be friends.
If you want you can check my gallery sometimes ^_^

moje ICQ je X-TIGRA a &#269;íslo 423561056
muj tata ma Skype, ale já k n&#283;mu neznám heslo

EDIT : tak jsem ti poslala pozvanku ja.
Je tvoje prezdivka Angeliqua???

EDIT: Would you like to trade with me Zeffi???
I hate waiting for my new tablet that waiting is worse than waiting for death XD . I ordered it on tuesday and that stupid people even didn't send me an email. So i didn't know when I will recieve it. Damn people *grrr* It will look like this :,r:5,s:0

You know what, when AlbinoRaven666 will be Aotm YOU are my next vote ^_^ You've improved alot Keep it up!!!!

Aug. 12, 2010
i was wondering since ur open for requests if you'd be up for drawing my Stella :)

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