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<img src=""; align="left"><p><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Welcome, <i>Shorah teh</i> and all that jazz. My name's Shoomy, more formally known as Claire 'Shoom'lah' Hummel, and I hope you enjoy browsing about my humble abode here on

I'm not curently taking any commissions or art trades, as I'm swamped with previous engagements and life in general. Once I am open, I'll let you all know and everything will be handled on a case to case basis... Hopefully, soon.

I'm generally a swell person to hang around (except when dealing with art theft, etc.- you know the drill by now, I'm sure.), so feel free to e-mail or IM me with comments, shower me with praise, or cut down my ego with some hearty critiques. S'all good, as longs as nothing's flaming.

<p align="center">So... right. Enjoy, and don't let the Little Scarâ„¢ intimidate you.</font></p><br><br>
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Hm. I needed a new profile, so I thought I'd use this space to tell people a little more about myself rather than to waste it with inane ramblings.

My actual name is Claire Hummel, though I usually go as Shoom'lah online, and I live in sunny SoCal and currently work as an illustrator for I'm a sophomore in high school, currently attending the Cleveland Humanities magnet with other artists on this archive, namely Catfish & LissaKat.

Drawing is my breath of life, and my best outlet for showing off and expressing my emotions... With an emphasis on the latter, obviously. Animals have a strong influence on me, especially wolves- my kin. I love emus, llamas and muffins, and philosophy is my new god.

I draw constantly in my sketchbook, and have tken such classes as life drawing, character design, and backgrounding- I'm currently in advanced cartooning and colour theory. I work constantly with computer programs such as photoshop and painter, especially in my work, though I love hand inking my work and using coloured pencils, tria markers, acrylics, acetate and cardboard as my media. I love doing art trades, and I do take commisiions so feel free to e-mail me at any time.

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