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Alright, now I've been here three and a half years, I think I'd better update this profile a touch =P (Thank you KL/Mage for the profile image. =))

Okay, so let's see. IRL, I'm an 18 year old student living in the East Midlands region of England. I've been doing drawing and so on for... Oh, as long as I can remember really, but I only started doing TLK/lion arwork at the beginning of 2002, which is when I joined this place. (Fantastic job by the way, Brian. =))

My main character, Shoka, is a fairly young adult lion, with coffee brown coloured fur, black mane, and crimson coloured eyes. He's been my main character ever since I started, and he probably always will be. ^_^

Still into the same sort of things, TLK, animals, so on and so forth. If you want a natter, give me a bell on AIM or MSN (same as my e-mail address at the bottom there), I'm usually on either of them a lot of the time. =)

02:06 Tue 8/28/2007
Hi Shoka!
Wow you have amazing artworks! Really great gallery ^.^

21:41 Wed 3/23/2005
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Hello there!
Great work here,love the style! Keep it up!

14:30 Tue 3/22/2005
You've done some awesome improving! KL's a great teacher, huh? :3 Keep going! ^__^


13:00 Sat 2/19/2005
I'm sorry to tell you, your art has been stolen and used directly linked on here. Without giving credit, and amongst what I suppose is other stolen art.

As I am a moderator on that site I will IMMEDIATELY take action to stop this for people like this sadden me greatly and I see you have expressed that you do not want your art used without permission.

Edit: I sent them a message on the site. I really hope they will remove all the stolen art without giving any trouble. If they do give trouble I might have to freeze their account and ask for the profile to be cleared.

Edit: oh this was real grand, this user hurt my feelings and treathened to /sue/ me, for what? Well, I froze them, and if they come back, well I'll find them and freeze them again. Sadly, it's still wasting TLKFAA's bandwidth and having your image up because I don't have the power to void profiles.

Edit: One of the higher admin has removed the stolen images. Thank God that's over x.x...
I hate idiots like that.

As for your art, it's wonderful, don't let stupid people like that discourage you. they're jealous, stuppid, know nothing about the law.

Art theft is lame.

10:33 Sat 1/8/2005
Wow this comment was old XD Just dropping by to wish you a happy 3 year anniversary at the archive^^ You've really improved by leaps and bounds in that time. You must have had good teachers >.> And YOU were a really good student^^ Keep it up and stay for 3 more years...and beyond! Or AF will eat you :3

Hey Shoka! You've got really great art and I love your style! Your pic of Shumba is really cool looking! Can't wait to see the one you are doing of my White Smoke! =) Keep it up cuz you're awesome man!

11:59 Thu 12/2/2004
Timba Twotail
your picture of the Felis Contuna just rocks dude!

keep improving and you'll one day become a great artist :) (probably long before me ;))

12:24 Wed 10/13/2004
Ahh! I haven't left a comment here?! How could I NOT? As I have said, yoru backgrounds are to DIE for. Your very very good! I can't wait to see more from you.

17:33 Thu 8/26/2004
WOW...x_X...your art is REALY good!love it!!!hope you like the mine too but wanna do a art trade somtime????mail me if you wanna do a art trade and hop by my place when you have the time^-^

-xXx- Nizira -xXx-
(ps: wanna be friends????)

06:55 Wed 7/21/2004
Darth Akila/Seba
Hi. I just found your archive. It's amazing, you are an amazing artist. Your pics rock.=)
Drop by my archive some time.
T:B:T (Seba)

15:28 Sun 2/8/2004
Hey there! Just found your site and I must say that your art is amazing!!! Your pictures look so great and cool, I really love them *smile* Keep up your great work and visit my archive sometimes^^
See ya!!!

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