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<MARQUEE> <I> **All artwork in this gallery is copyrighted to me, <B> Shiloh11 </B>, unless otherwise specified** </I> </MARQUEE>

Hey y'all =) Thanks so much for stopping by my humble gallery :3 Comments are much appreciated! <3

Oh, and if you wanna see some of my art that's not TLK-related, you should stop by my <a href="">dA gallery</a> ^^

<B> Trades/Requests/Commissions </B>: Openess may vary, depending on how much free time I have on my hands, but if you're interested, leave me a comment and we can figure something out =]

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Ok, so some things you might possibly like to know about me:
1. I'm a Christian, and proud of it. <><
2. I'm a Southerner, and proud of it ;)
3. I'm an avid Disney fan; always have been.
4. The Lion King ranks #1 in my top five favorite movies ever.
5. I absolutely adore Hans Zimmer. If you know who he is and adore him too, we should be friends :) lol
6. Drawing is my third favorite hobby, after reading and playing guitar.
7. I am a college student, so I have very little time to devote to said favorite hobbies :(
8. I am a practiced procrastinator, so I make time for my hobbies ;) lol
9. Critiques on my uploads are always welcome.
10. I'm a little OCD, and I needed there to be 10 things on this list. Lol.

So yeah, that's me :] Hope y'all enjoy my art, as I enjoy y'all's.

**profile pic by Willow_Fengs**

08:51 Tue 7/30/2013
Wolf 777
Hello Shiloh11 Wolf 777 here :) you have awesome artwork keep it up can't wait to see more from you in the future :) keep up the awesome artwork Shiloh11, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

20:53 Thu 11/15/2012
thought my old comment was a bit old... can we do a trade sometime?

15:44 Sun 10/21/2012
you did well with the icon, good job.

22:16 Sat 7/28/2012
ouch.. your right.. and like four people said something about it. wow, im blind... thanks for notice shiloh :) im sure ed will appreciate it.

16:15 Tue 5/29/2012
Hey Shiloh, just wanted to drop a note. I like your art, keep up the good work. I read your profile and was so glad to see a fellow christian on TLKFAA! Plus, I am a huge Zimmer fan too...

*EDIT* Hey I got your response! Thanks so much for visiting my gallery, I'm glad you like my stuff. I've got another pic in processing right now, hopefully it will be on the site soon!

I haven't checked out Magicionary's page yet, I'll have to do that! Untainted has a really great tesimony, have you read it?

Yes, we should be friends! Zimmer fans unite! 8D What's your favorite Zimmer soundtrack?

*EDIT AGAIN* You must be sick of me by now, sorry! I just went to see Magicionary, and I didn't realize she IS Untainted, she just changed her name! So you already have read it, oops =D Sorry!

*EDIT #3* Wow we've got quite the response chain going!
I LOVE Zimmer's PoTC soundtracks, but I have to agree that TLK is my favorite of his, but that would be closely followed by both of his Kung Fu Panda soundtracks. He really aced that Asian sound, I LOVE those albums! (Oh, shame on me for bringing up Dreamworks movies on a DISNEY movie fan site!) I also really like Zimmer's Angels & Demons soundtrack, I haven't seen that movie though... from the name it sounds a little... dark =) But the soundtrack is incredible, Have you heard it before?

*EDIT #4* Oh, you SO need to listen to Angels & Demons it is SO GOOD. I especially love the songs 160 BPM and 503. They are so great. Zimmer uses this really cool monastery bell choir sound that is SO good, I really can't tell you how much I love that soundtrack! Oh BTW, have you listened to Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes soundtrack? I haven't heard the second one yet, but the first one's good!
Your super Zimmer friend

23:34 Fri 5/25/2012
Hi there! I was browsing through your gallery, and you have some very nice art! Are you open for art trades?

Edit: sure! That'd be great! How about we draw each other's fursona or main character?

Edit: Koda please ^^ (She's the purple lioness):

09:20 Sat 3/10/2012
Your Art is very nice!

08:13 Fri 2/10/2012
just want to say the icon was FREAKING AWESUM lols thanks

edit i realy did its weird i saw it first when i was playing my acoustic its amazing how similar the guitars are

edit edit oh just an alvarez its an electro acoustic but i dont play that one as much as i should i preffer my electric

02:17 Thu 2/9/2012
Zin Stone
About your bulletin; I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet myself. It's the cheapest model they have at the moment and it works great! I've had it for a good long time now and it hasn't had any problems.

I recommend it if your looking to just get something cheap that will last. :)

17:54 Tue 12/13/2011
Butterfly Lion
Welcome to TLKFAA Shiloh! Your first pics are great, looking forward to seeing more from you.

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