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2016-11-27 05:30:50.0
I just had this idea stuck in my head before going to sleep one night and I prayed I wouldn't forget it when I woke up. Luckily I didn't and got this done in a couple of hours :P

Luxio in the style of the Lion King, drawn with colored pencils ^^
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2011-09-29 16:10:07.0
Zachary Levi as a lion! I missed lionizing celebrities! 8D

For those who don't know, Zachary is best known for playing the main character in the TV show Chuck (a show which I am totally in love with right now! ^^)
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2011-06-14 14:08:17.0
Some characters I never got to draw a lot. You can adopt them for points on DeviantArt:

They need a better home ;D
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2011-06-14 14:05:06.0
This is a character I got from some raffle, but never got around drawing, so I've given him away on DeviantArt. He is cute, but I'm not really fit to take care of him ^^;
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2011-05-17 10:27:11.0
Cute little random tiger that I drew at school and then played around with in Illustrator XD
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2010-10-31 14:24:09.0
Here's a little sorta random thing I drew. I was messing with some colouring techniques and such ^^
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2010-07-02 16:27:41.0
A Sketcher collab with 1Jade2 and Runt. The theme was to lionize celebrities, so I drew Leonardo DiCaprio, 1Jade2 drew Nick Jonas and Runt drew Robert Downey Jr. ^^
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2010-06-26 15:09:33.0
Old picture.

This is kinda an optical illusion that I drew XD The lion cub can be looking either at the mountain or away from the mountains.
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