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April 23, 2010: I have the artists itch, hopefully i'll have something uploaded in a little bit

First and foremost I know i'm a very inactive Artist, it's because I haven't been able to do well with my artwork, but to those of you looking at my profile to see why i'm adopting any characters, it is because I find they may make valuable characters in my Role playing, and they would be loved, as well as drawn, maybe not by me but by others, i'd grow the history of that lion/tiger/caracal/or whatever it is by being taht character in text if you want to know where I RP and how well I do it, just ask.

stole this from astrocat hope you don't mind ^^ it was so cute :D
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<br>Thanks for looking/commenting/whatever here in this interesting and prolly boring archive, it is hard to get thinds uploaded when i have artists block but i am somewhat coming around, i hope you enjoy what is in store for you in the future, i am planning on starting a tiger comic thing... not sure when i am going to start it i already have some scetches down, well hope you have some fun thanks for viewing.
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To come: Jabari's story; a comic, a serious comic *i hope*

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I started drawing in 1993 and was really into it in 1994 the lion king was what got me interested in doing artwork, though i am not as good as people i can get my word across and show new scenes for which i can't describe in a book or out loud. I don't draw often anymore due to eyesight deterioration and lack of depth perception. Worked on it real hard for a while but my artwork has not gotten better with any practice. Oddly enough I am an amateur photographer. I'm not very good but it gives me peace in my heart :)

My plans of the future are to be a bum and write and draw and that is it ^^ lol j/k
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