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Just started uploading my drawings and I have so many!

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19:52 Wed 4/7/2010
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19:23 Fri 1/15/2010
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18:04 Fri 1/15/2010

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My favorite groups are The Beatles, Fall Out Boy,My Chemical Romance, and especially Green Day and I am obsessed with them. I really like AFI too. I have the new Beatles:Rock Band and went to go see Paul McCartney on the first day in August of '09. I'm getting Green Day: Rock Band this June. This year in August of '10 I will be seeing Green Day up front in the pits in Connecticut.
I love drawing and draw many different things like big cats, werewolves, dragons, my favorite people and more. It's a huge hobby and I get better and better at it. I am always coming up with new characters and have over 200 pictures ready to be uploaded. I have three cats and two boxers(one white with one blue and one brown eye)that amuse and inspire me everyday. To more of what i do go to for my Deviantart account.
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