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<center>My art is either colored in MS Paint, or in colored pencils. I don't have any fancy computer art program. ;)<p>Wow! I have 248 fans! Thanks to everyone that put me in their favorite list and/or commented on my art! You all make me very happy and inspire me to draw more!<p><img src=""><br>Thanks <A HREF="">The Black Cat</A>!<p>
My Icons are Sharifu drawn by other artists! From left to right, the pictures are by: <A HREF="">KovuLKD</A>;, <A HREF="">Khaki</A>;, <A HREF="">Jannali</A>;, <A HREF="">Timali</A>;, and
<A HREF="">Kourukon</A>;. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful pics you have drawn for me, I love them!<p>
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Joined May 24, 2004
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My name is Audra and I love 2D animation! I have such a passion for it! I really want to be a 2D character animator. =) I love lots of animated movies... The Lion King being my favorite one. I hope you enjoy my art.

I don't accept requests anymore. But I like doing art trades so I will do those. If you don't draw, I'm willing to do a commission if you're interested.

17:43 Mon 10/20/2008
Wow! I never commented here, yet you're a fav, and a lov your art. Is it true you're open for trades,because i'd lov to do one.

07:15 Tue 9/23/2008
The Phoebster
Hey Sharifu!! I love your artwork!! Your really, really, REALLY good! Keep up the good work!!

07:42 Mon 7/21/2008
Shariiiii :D

'tis me, Loui xD the yellow lion who leads you in circles LOL XD

Thanks for keeping me company in Kov's game xD yer really awesome :)

And love your art! :O 'tis gorgeous x3 *favs* sooo lovely x3

probably catch ya in the game again LOL x3

~ Loui

05:45 Wed 7/16/2008
thanks for talking on kovu's game.

your art is soo cool as well! :D

19:16 Sat 5/17/2008
Hi there, thank you for commenting in my gallery ^_^
I like your style, you're great as an artist. And your couple pics with Petteri are so heartwarming, you guys are awesome. I wish ya all the best ;)

02:24 Thu 4/17/2008
i cant believe i have never NEVER seen or heard of you before you have some tallent and like fc said your couple pics are adorabubble!!!! *smiles*

13:17 Sat 2/23/2008
Hi! I Like your drawings! Keep it up! ^_^

01:26 Fri 11/2/2007
Hey Sharifu!!! Long time no talk! fact, TOO LONG! I've recently popped back into Lea and TLKFAA all in once...Missin' the community, y'know? The people...I know we weren't very close when I was there, but I stumbled upon your Gallery and missed whatever conversations we did have and decided to say hallo.

I LOVE your Couple pics the best =) You and STM make an adorable pair and you draw Azerane and Kintaru wonderfully too! The pic of Shads and Amy was also kyoote. Ahh memory lane *grins* Well I hope to see you around more often to talk to you, and hopefully we can do an art trade sometime if you're not too busy! I'd love to do a couple pic of you and STM eitherway! *grins and huggles*

16:46 Thu 6/28/2007
die Wolfin
OMG, such a beautiful art! But the most interesting and amazing for me is your lovestory. Really beautiful and romatic. I wish you and Petteri everything the best!
With all my love for my new favourite artist, Wolfy

07:33 Tue 6/5/2007
Love your art Sharifu!!! It rocks!!! Keep it up :D

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