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<center>My art is either colored in MS Paint, or in colored pencils. I don't have any fancy computer art program. ;)<p>Wow! I have 248 fans! Thanks to everyone that put me in their favorite list and/or commented on my art! You all make me very happy and inspire me to draw more!<p><img src=""><br>Thanks <A HREF="">The Black Cat</A>!<p>
My Icons are Sharifu drawn by other artists! From left to right, the pictures are by: <A HREF="">KovuLKD</A>;, <A HREF="">Khaki</A>;, <A HREF="">Jannali</A>;, <A HREF="">Timali</A>;, and
<A HREF="">Kourukon</A>;. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful pics you have drawn for me, I love them!<p>
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My name is Audra and I love 2D animation! I have such a passion for it! I really want to be a 2D character animator. =) I love lots of animated movies... The Lion King being my favorite one. I hope you enjoy my art.

I don't accept requests anymore. But I like doing art trades so I will do those. If you don't draw, I'm willing to do a commission if you're interested.
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