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Joined Feb 22, 2010
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Age/Birthday May 4, 1996 (age 22)
Gender Female
Location Russia
Occupation schoolgirl
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My name is Ira. I live in Russia in the small city of Borovichi! Very much I like to draw, very much it is pleasant to draw lions and horses!
To me also has come to mind thought to start to create арты, and has thought up to itself a name - Shans...
My first drawing of a lion has been drawn in 11 years, recently I have found it and have decided to draw it back... Left not badly!
I never went to drawing school, it is not necessary to me, if want something
To achieve - that it it is necessary to do most!

Forgive for errors, I do not know English to me the translator translates, errors can be the poet here!
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