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16:53 Mon 5/20/2013
welcome to fan art archive and happy bithday!

09:06 Mon 5/20/2013
i like your first piece, welcome to the archive :)
hope you enjoy your stay
and if possible we can be friends too, also if you need help with anything i'd be happy to help ^^

edit: happy birthday Shanaji, i check the birthdays every so often. i hope you have a nice day

08:28 Tue 5/14/2013
Hello Shanaji! Your first picture looks lovely. :) She's so pretty <3

I would also like to be friends with you! I hope you enjoy it here! :D

20:19 Mon 5/13/2013
Welcome to the Archive! Your art looks great!

19:28 Mon 5/13/2013
Art is a BANG, Hm!
Hi, Shanaji! ; u ; I'm one of Roarie's friends! I would love to be friends with you as well <3 You can call me Art, and I'll draw some fanart for you soon! :D

18:23 Mon 5/13/2013
If you're a friend of Roo's, you're a friend of mine too!

Welcome to the gang Shanaji ^^

Your first piece is lovely! the oranges go so well together <3

18:19 Mon 5/13/2013
Welcome to the Archive Shanaji! (:

18:10 Mon 5/13/2013
Sun Rei
Welcome to the archive! I've been friends with Roarie for years, so I thought I'd come and say hi. You're off to a great start - hope to see lots more art from you!

17:49 Mon 5/13/2013
Welcome to the Archive Shanaji!

I'm glad you came to join our little community! :D Love you J~

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