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Since I'm starting art trades on here I think it would help me if I made a list of the people I'm trading with. Sooo~

<b>Art Trades</b>

-Starkiller - Completed~
-SafiSafi-SushiSushi - Completed~
-Wiki tha Shadow


I've been dealing with some personal life I've put just about everything on hold. I still plan on doing my trades, I just don't know when just yet. I hope the people who are trading with me can understand and be patient with me. I apologize :c

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Well let's see..I've recently fallen in love with TLK all over again. So what better way to celebrate that then to join here and display my flood of fanart that is soon to be coming^^

Not much else to say other than I'm a college grad looking for work and I also have an account on deviantart
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