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<CENTER>My vote was for TamberElla ^^ Gratz girl! I'm glad you became the AOTM!!

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<b><CENTER>.:: Thanks for my 10 fans 8D LOL Thanks for the support! I'm here for about a week, and I already has some fans! Thank you REALLY!!^^ ::. </b> </CENTER>

So.... Thank you very much for visiting my gallery ^^ It means a LOT to me! I'm quite new to TLKFAA, but I already feel confortable here, cause you are such a big and friendly family! =) I hope once I will be a member of it too! ^^

What you have to know about me: My name is Edit, I'm a 15 years old girl from Hungary =) I'm known as "ShadowOfTheMeadow" on Deviantart and YouTube.
My DA account:
My YouTube account:

I'm quite a friendly and happy girl almost all the time! I came here to make friends and to draw AS MUCH LION KING ART AS I CAN! XD I'm a REALLY huge fan of TLK, and I really enjoy drawing and anything about Disney.. so WHY NOT? 8D
Btw I LOVE animals, I have a hamster and 2 dogs (a mixture :P And my border collie, Jess =D) My favorite animals are horses and lions (and snow leopard and wolves/dogs) I can sit in the zoo for HOURS watching the lions! ^^

If I would be a character from TLK, I would describe myself as a mixture of Kiara and Nala ^^

<b>Kiara: </b>
- I'm naive, sometimes careless, joyful and a bit crazy XD

- I always protect my friends, I have a huge heart (as others say ;P), I have greenish blue eyes 8D, (I hope) I'm brave and strong even in the bad times =) and so on..

So I'm like Nala with a bit of Kiara ^^

<b>Finally, to say something about the Lion King XD: </b>

I really adore this movie, I love the first and the second film too (though I know they could've do a LOT better job on Simba's Pride, but the story IS STILL very adorable =)) the third is FUNNY and explain a lot of things XD But.. that's not too much an emotional film.. not much like Disney.. that's a true XXIth century cartoon =/
I'm NOT EMO but I love Scar! BUT not the Scar from the movie.. the real little cub, Taka. He had such a sad life.. I can kinda understand him. My favorite characters are quite the usual ones like Simba :P Nala, Kovu... and I'm REALLY ADDICTED to the "Forgotten/Lost Stories"!!! Stories about how Taka got his Scar, the story of Ahadi and Uru (father and mother of Taka and Mufasa), the other cubs of the Pride, like Kula, Malka, Chumvi, Tojo <3, Tama.. and others like Ni, Mohatu, Chaka, Shani, Kopa.

I'm also a big professor of TLK =D
I know a LOT of secrets about it! If you have a question, just ask!

Thank you for reading this looooooooooong text!! For this, as a gift I have an excercise for you! Go to my YouTube account and write a comment with this:
"I'm a fluffy bunny jumping in the meadow"
Then I will send you a message. First I will ask you for your TLKFAA channel, who you are? and ONE thing you could read in this text. (like: what's my name :P NOTHING hard! Don't worry! Just to know you've really read it not just the end :P and if you answer this HARD DX LOL question, you can request me 1 thing! (of course about TLK) anybody from the lion king movie. ONE drawing! And I'll make it for you in a week! ;D This reading wasn't even that bad, was it? 8D

.::I love everybody 8D ::.

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I'm ShadowOfTheMeadow from YouTube ^^
But just call me Shadsie XD That's my nickname ^^ (Cause "Shadow" is soooo boring :P)
I'm 15 years old, a girl, and I'm addicted to The Lion King ^^ I hope you'll like my artwork =3
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