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<I>Hello everyone and welcome to ShadowManic's page! You can call me ShadowManic, Manic, Shadow, whatever you want. Enjoy my page! ^_^</I>

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My name there is Manic10974

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1. <a href="">Sashastriker</a>;

- Koda: <i>DONE! :D / Waiting for my half</i>




<u>Other Pictures I owe</u>


I promise I will get your pictures in as soon as possible!! :3

<u><center>Elemental Lynx Info</u>

Elemental Lynxes are my created species. They are lynxes that each have a specific type of element: Fire, water, air, electricity, earth, etc.

If you would like to adopt one, you MUST draw them first before adopting them! There will NOT go to any collectors and I want them to be drawn. If I don't think you would be able to take care of them, you will not get one. Unless I reconsider.

Another thing, do NOT change ANYTHING on an elemental lynx! If you adopt it you must draw it exactly how it is. If you change something I will ask to draw the way it is. And if you still don't change it, I will take it back. So dont change anything!

If you ever decide you don't want an elemental lynx, you MUST give it back to me. I will choose the new owner for it. Do not adopt it out to someone else!
Thank you!

<u><b>Types of Lynxes and who adopted them</u></b>

1. Fire- Adopted by SnowFlake!
2. Water- Adopted by Bubba Smith!
3. Air- Adopted by Ziffi!
4. Earth
5. Electricity- Mine!
6. Light
7. Darkness
8. Volcano
9. Ice
10. Thunder

More Soon!


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