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Seth Stormheart

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20:28 Wed 1/20/2010

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Joined Sep 2, 2009
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Hey guys. Im Seth Stormheart, you can just call me Seth tho ^^

Here is a little about me:

I have brown hair with purple streaks.
I have really blue eyes.
Im tall (5'6ish)
Im "emo" (not cutting myself, but the style and music)
My favorite bands: HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD <33, Sum 41, Green day, Simple plan, and some others
Theme songs: City~ Hollywood undead. Basket case~ Green Day. Perfect~Simple plan The loss~ Hollywood undead

Likes: Lions, wolves, black, screamo, punk, purple, my friends, and the rain.

Dislikes: Haters, emo haters, lil preps that think your "goth" cause you don't dress like them and happy all the freakin time, pink, and spanish (There is gonna be alot of doodles from spainsh)

So thats just a bit about me, I hope to cya guys around!
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