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<font face="Papyrus" size=3 color=Black>Hi, thanks for coming to my fan art page :)

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Wow! I reached 300 fans! Thank you so much for coming to my page and adding me as an artist :)

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I may be opening Art Trades and Requests, so watch this space ;)

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At last, the Quick Script for my Fan Fiction/Movie Idea

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The Lion King III: True Homeland

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is written!

<a href="">Click here to Read it</a>

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Hey. My name is Jen, I'm 25 and I used to post fan art at this site.

I recently had a baby, a boy called Ethan, so you can see why I've been too busy to upload anything recent :)

I do hope to be back very soon as creating Lion King fan art was always one of my great joys.
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