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Welcome to my corner of TLKFAA. Please feel free to browse around my gallery and drop me a line in my comment box. All comments, favorites, and artist watches are really, greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, interest in an art trade with me, commissions, or other comments, drop me a note in my comment box or email me. Thank you for visiting my gallery!


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<U><B>Commission and Art Trade Status: OPEN</B></U>

See my current commission status at my Deviantart Gallery: <a href=>Deviantart Gallery</a>

Email me at for art trades and commission requests.

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Welcome to my little corner of the big and wonderful TLKFAA!
Feel free to look around and tell me what you think of my work; please email me for trades and/or commissions-I am always open.
Thank you to everyone who has left comments for me here at my gallery-they are a big motivator and inspiration. :D
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