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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat,"We're all mad here."

OMIGOSH HI. *looks around* Hmm, were all the other gallerys closed? No? well anyway If you are here and plan to look around, whih PLEASE do,know im luiseno and very proud of it. I am a girl and not afraid to call myself a nerd. I am not afraid of what other people think of me, and love to read, write, draw, take photos and hang out with friends including Peculiar and Simba_orcakat4. Oh, and i dont like it when you track mud all over the place, so please remove your shoes, and PLZ COMMENT ON MY ART. P.S I am vey lazy when it cames to coloring and uploading it ;3

art trades: OPEN
requests: open, but it kinda depends (COMMENT PLZ)

To do list:
1. Art trade for animequeen
2. GTKM seris (Albinoraven666)
3. start 100 pic challenge (AHHHH maybye)
4. re draw all chars

*sigh* well id better get started.
Meanwhile read about . . .

You look forward to future possibilities rather than just current realities. You prefer to ask yourself what things mean on the larger scale. You are a 'big picture' person, are imaginative and creative rather than matter of fact, and prefer theoretical and conceptual work over facts and figures.
You do not mind leaving questions unanswered. You like surprises - gifts, notes, unexpected phone calls. While you appreciate having some structure in your environment, you also enjoy the excitement and mystery of the unplanned.
You enjoy starting things more than finishing things, and prefer to have freedom from obligations. You are spontaneous and appreciate the presence of alternative plans.
You make decisions using your heart rather than your mind.

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Hellloooo!My name is Scarface because that is my Warrior name(WARRIOR CATS ROCK)Any way i have many intrests some being Alice in Wonderland, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Deltora Quest, Anime, Teen Titans, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, video games, and anything that cant really happen in real life. (stupid world.)
I have nothing against Twilight and acually read the books (and many other things) and...uh.. i like cheetahs atiny bit more than lions .... so ya. Basicly i am very nerdy and dont really care. GO NERDS!! (Ajusts glasses)

K, im done! 8> Bye
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