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I love to draw, so expect new pictures often. :)
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I like to pretend Scar turned nice in the end of the movie. I heard that he was originally supposed to say "Mufasa, Please forgive me!" as he was being attacked by the hyenas, so I like to pretend he DID, and when he did, Mufasa chased the hyenas away and saved him. For some years, during Simba's Pride time, he lived in the wilderness, fleeing from the hyenas constantly, who were always after him. After Simba's pride, he returned to the Pride lands [after being visited by his brother and been told he had been forgiven] to beg forgiveness of the Pride. Simba is hesitant at first, but Mufasa speaks to him and reassures him that Scar truly is sorry. Then they forgive Scar and make him the Prince of the Pride. Scar never turns evil again after that, and is a wonderful uncle to Simba, a great uncle to Timba and Uru, and a great great uncle to Jabari. He also becomes adopted father to a cub named Salmini, and is a great friend to everyone in the pride.
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