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<font color="purple"><h4><i><b>The Artist Formally Known As SashaB.</b></i>
<br><i>SashaB, character and Artist/RPer of TLK Est.1999 and on going 8D</i></h4>

<p>Off Topic <a href="">Gallery</a> at Deviant.

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<p><center><u><b>Open to Trades and Requests.</b></u></center>
<br>Contact me with the usual details and I'll see what I can do =)

<p> -Lotus- *Trade <i>My part done</i>

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<p>New "hard nut" policy I expect other's to keep their end of agreements weather it be for trades/prizes or comments.
<br>Basically if you say your doing a contest with prizes given or want to do trades - then actually do them for people who agree with you, it's unfair to "trick" others.
<br> I have a grump list! Names won't be added until after a certain amount of time has past, though hope people would be kind enough to hold up their end before that happens =)

<br>1. Endurian the Wolf, still waiting on their trade half. 2005
<br>2. Albinoraven66's 1st place Prize for me, Dated Feb 2010
<br>3. LaPionte's 1st place Prize for me, Dated March 2010
2015-07-07 14:36:09.0
As was asked if I will do again :3

Word Prompt character requests OPEN 3 - 5 Slots

Up to 5 words.
You can state an animal too or it's my pick based on your galleries ^^
If you have already requested you can again :)
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2015-04-22 10:37:29.0
Inspired from TravelerBlu's photo I have gotten out all my merchandise collection again since last photo in 2001
I lost the boat and rocking chair for the babies D: (stuff hidden by pride rock

Missing from this is photo but in possession; 1 Boardway Poster, 1 Tshirt, 1 Watch and 1 Deck of Cards.
Still more on my wish list to get ^__^ Some of these items are 20 years old! D:

yes there are 5 books of the rare TLK6NA :D
So me having simba tattooed on my back makes sense I may have a slight problem....
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2012-08-17 13:52:40.0
Always open for Requests / Trades / Character Designing
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