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Saga Wolf

<TR><b><font color=orange>Update</font></b>
<font color=red><u> August the 9th - 2006... My Birthday! </u>

Okay, okay... so it's my birthday today, and I find myself in a -really- nostalgic mood. I'm 21 now, (Just deleted my personal discreption which said 19 o.O) and I'm moving into my -own- appartment on September the 1st with my boyfriend, and in the midst of giggling like a child, I remembered TLKF. I was sure my account had been deleted, so I just came here to look at all the other artsist... until I spotted Saga Wolf... and was able to log in.

My gods! I haven't uploaded ANYTHING since 2005! I haven't done -any- serious TLK fan-art or TLK styled art. Really pathetic if you ask me... However! Seeing that I still have my account, only inspires me to GET MOVING AGAIN! For those of you whom watch me, DUNN WORRY! I SHALL BE BACK!

Oh... and Happy Birthday to me^^
<b>Trades</b>: Ok... people keep asking me through <u>comments</u> if I want to trade. If you wanna do a trade with me; <u><b>E-mail</b></u> me! That way I won't forget you! And if I do forget you... E-mail me again or poke me with a pitch fork;)

Saga's Big Ol' List o' Things ToDo! (So that I won't forget)

"Welcome everybody! Today we present: 'Saga's Big Ol' List o' Things ToDo! '<br><br>


Did we miss anything?

That’s all in today's episode of: ‘Saga's Big Ol’ List o’ Things ToDo! ‘ Will Saga manage to finish everything on her list (though it is a rather short list at the moment)? Will she break down in tears, because she doesn’t know how to do backgrounds? Will she ever get back into a normal sleep rhythm? … Actually, she did….
Anyway; Join us some other day, and get the answers to these, and many other exciting questions! "</i>

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21 years old, and still mad about TLK, any kind of TLK. I don't draw as much as I used to, which you can see by the dates in my gallery, but I am doing my best to return. I have a small comic in the works, which will hopefully keep me busy and active as an artist.
I still live in Denmark, at home at the moment, though I move out the 1st of September, and I -am- looking forward to it.
I will try hard to become active again. After all I -do- enjoy the TLK style much! Hope to see many more familiar faces!
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