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14:25 Mon 12/10/2012
I love your pictures <3

06:58 Fri 9/28/2012
What did you use to animate your profile picture? Please tell :) And if you want to do a trade, just tell me :)

10:52 Sat 7/14/2012
hi there! i love your cute chibi-like style ^^ it just makes me smile! i know faving without a comment can be sort of... annoying! so heres my comment xD

edit: youre welcome :) shiny, bubbly things make me happy xD

19:43 Tue 7/12/2011
It seems we now share a character. Ramsey was put up for adoption by and I took him home. It's a good thing I do my research on the characters I adopt or I would have never known that. :)

12:23 Sat 1/1/2011
You got my character in Mwokozis raffle! Can't wait to see what you do with him :3

11:33 Wed 7/28/2010
your art is lovely, I really like your style, and interest in african animals!

Do you remember a long time ago we had a trade going? I don't remember what the terms were, but I'm pretty sure neither of us finished a picture. If you wanted, we could try again, are you up to it?

EDit: uhh, how about a canon trade? I'd like some of the sub canon cubs, like... tojo tama and malka. If you don't want to do three, any one of those would be fine :)

what would you like me to do?

22:21 Mon 7/19/2010
your art is really amazing, keep up the great work *favs*

01:34 Mon 7/12/2010
heya, love your art and thanks again for the req. and btw you got the adoptable i put up.

17:15 Sun 7/11/2010
Hey :)

Just wondered if I could get that tiger back from you? THat'd be great :D

Annie x

EDIT: Woops XD Misread...ah, it's ok :) don't worry about it :) I might be cheeky and make something similar, but with different colours and stripes :P

16:51 Sun 7/11/2010
ohh ok that is ok. You can make me a char. Maybe a female Ethiopian wolf? Or a cute lil white tiger cub? if not no big deal. its up to you ;)

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