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Sadie J

Recently made a DA :)
<center><b>Hi & welcome, my name is Sadie.</b><br>
<b>TRADES:</b> Always open, timing is a variable.<br>
<b>REQUESTS:</b> Will be put behind trades, understandably so. <br>
<b>CHARACTER REQUESTS:</b> Open if it interests me at the moment.<br></center>

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February 7th 2011:
Haven't been on here for a long time but hoping to get into it again. Once I dig up my scanner I'll be up for trades, just comment me. :)

Hey, I'm Sadie and I don't use my account very often but occasionally I'll get sucked back onto it. I made my account like 2 years ago and I'm formally known as ~Sam~ so if you see "Sam" anywhere on my old artwork, that would be why. On rare occasion I upload new things so thank you all of my fans for sticking with me. :) <3

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