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I am currently trying different ways of drawing, so far I'm terrible at computer unless I'm tracing a drawing I already did on paper... and well on paper I'm only good at those once in a life time things *cackles* so yeah, still trying...

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01:52 Sun 12/4/2011
09:59 Sat 4/28/2007
00:34 Sat 1/20/2007
22:49 Thu 1/18/2007
16:53 Sun 6/18/2006
17:29 Fri 6/16/2006

Colored Line-Art:

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15:04 Wed 6/8/2011
Hey is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday, Saania!! *throws confetti* ^^

22:06 Tue 4/17/2007
hello, your art is really cute. Drawing with a mouse is hard at first but with alot of practice you do get better. Keep up the great work and if you ever have time drop by my gallery it would be nice to hear from you.

14:01 Fri 6/30/2006
Welcome to the archive!! :D

18:31 Thu 6/22/2006
Vicount Anagram Ramset
Heh heh heh...*ahem* Welcome to the archive. I hope you enjoy your stay! ^^ B'way, nice first picture. If you ever need anything, mortal, feel free to let me know....

11:49 Mon 6/19/2006
Simba Spirit
Nice job, and good style. By the way, welcome.

Please visit me someday, ok? I would like to trade art with you

05:30 Mon 6/19/2006
Sun Rei
Hey, and welcome to the archive! Great first picture! Headshots are one of my most favorite types of drawings to do! Keep on uploading, and I hope to see you around! Take care!

~Sun Rei

01:52 Mon 6/19/2006
I know how you feel. I use my scanner. I would try looking at lots of sketches. If you look close, you can see how the artist construct the body/head. It helps, I rpomise.

07:52 Sun 6/18/2006
Welcome to er, here ^_^;;
I bet you'll have fun and keep submitting your work <3

- Korvus

07:49 Sun 6/18/2006
Omg! That some fine art you have there! Keep it up! And I know you will enjoy your stay here!

Hey, maybe you'll come visit my site someday?


17:54 Sat 6/17/2006
Hi, welcome to the archive!!! =3

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