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Sorry guys, can't draw now. Awfully busy :(

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Hi everyone!

My name is Mikhail and, just like you, I like drawing and "the Lion King" movie very much! Also I like a good company, felines and airplanes, programming in Flash, watching movies, listening to some music and reading interesting books. And I like English language, but somehow I still make a lot of mistakes (sorry if you find some).

I'm not a painter. Of course I can make some simple animations, but I always need reference pictures and the whole lot of time for it.
However programming in Flash comes much easier to me.
So, if you'd like to make a flash game (or interactive storybook etc.) with your fursona or some canon character or even something non-TLK, I'd be happy to offer you a collaboration! Mail me at

What you'll need: a concept of your game and all animations.
What I can: of course I'm not a professional in action script, so I can't promice anything, but I'm learning fast and I'll try to do my best. Also, I can make basic swf-animations and sound processing.

You'll have all rights for your game (for non commercial use of course =) ). And yes, It's for free.

And thank you for all your comments! Your support means a lot to me.
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