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You also can find me on <a href="">Deviantart</a>;, <a href="">Elfwood</a>; and <a href="">Furaffinity</a>; if you interested in my art!
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Joined Jul 3, 2010
First Upload Jul 3, 2010
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Age/Birthday Jan 11, 1989 (age 30)
Gender Female
Location In the medieval times...i'm stuck there x(
Occupation Inker
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Hello! : )

Since young I loved to draw animals, especially those from Disney (more specifically Dalmatians haha). Today i've been drawing all sorts of medieval things like knights, dragons, princesses, etc ... but i usually draw animals in general. Especially wolves, horses and lions
My favorite techniques is watercolor and colored pencils, but i like to draw some animals in traditional Disney style too, though i don't have a tablet anymore to do digital paint.
I have a fursona named runandwine who also lends his name to my accounts on the site Elfwood and Deviantart ... you guys can find me in MLFAA with the same nick RubyRuby, and on Fur Affinity with the nick of HowlingSoul (links below)

sorry my bad english and thank you for visiting!

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