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Rose MoonFeather (La'Kai)

24th Oct 2011

Long time no update.
I draw regularly, however had allowed this gallery to gather dust. With TLK out at cinemas on 3D and blueray, I thought it was time to blow away the dust and add some new stuff :)



Salutations all!

Welcome to my wee corner of this vast archive. Most of my works are done in pencil unless otherwise stated.


I thoroughly reccomend that you peek through my creatures folders, and if you'd like a character out of any of my species don't hesitate to ask.

My main characters: Eusi, Arhma, Echarr, La'Kai, Ma'jinn, and Amen'Ra.

My newest species are: Tryffynd, sub-specie Tryffynd =Kalourynd, and Tryffundau.

My trademark Species: Aien'Zeih, Rimuwaph, Shi'Rah

My Lk based FF i'm working on: The story of Eusi/La'Kai

IMPORTAINT: If you are doing an art trade or have requested a pic please contact me as i might have forgotten some.
My <a href=>; Deviantart account </a> and my other art.

My favorate sayings:

~Live each day as it comes~

~There is no such thing as growing up, but taking on bigger responsibilities~

~Just when you get used to today......Along comes tomorrow~

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Hello :)

My name is Rose and i'm a freelance artist who lives in NZ.

I draw myself as an Eline (equine/Feline) but here you will see me as just a King Cheetah.

I've been drawing since as long as I can remember and always will, my main favorite things to draw though are animals. The main ones being Horses then cats/big-cats.
I one day want to be an animator or children's book illustrator!

When I saw the lion king I was instantly entrapped! The beautiful scenery and characters made The Lion King one of my most loved animated movies, then when I saw TLK 2 I was hooked all over again.

I love to RP, and have many lk based characters.

My ooooold tlk art is stored in folders.

My other art (more reccent) Can be found at:

Thanks for reading about me ^.-
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