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I am 16 years old, female, and am currently under going a TON of practice, and practice makes you better! and that's true. I was "OK" before I came to this site, but I saw how others used THEIR technique, then I under stood why I wasn't as good as everyone else. That's my story.

JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH! PS: I love to snow tube, snow ski, water ski, hike, bike, go four wheeling, Paint balling, laser tagging, wake boarding I LOVE CEDAR POINT! I am a Roller Coaster Junkie XD I love anything that gets the adrenalin pumped XD

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I'm just this random 20 year old that draws in her spare time, and works most of the day. Probably the laziest, biggest procrastinator in existence, but shh, let's not focus on that :3

I'm a manager at a BBQ restaurant in Dayton, so I am quite occupied with my job, so my time for art has become a bit limited. But, with that said, I am putting more of my focus into my art, and I'm trying to expand my abilities! Hopefully I will succeed in my hopes to improve!! <3

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