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1. Sukala (Niko) - 50% done
2. Ty1997 (Ty With Drum) - 70% done
3. ZeyphrTiger480 (Lord Zeypher) - 30% done
4. Koudoawaia (KL) - 60% done
5. _Kuna_ (Flame) - 60% done


~ *Night* - 85% done


<b>If you did a request, art trade, or simply just want to give a gift to me here on TLKFAA, please feel free to post such in my Art Trades/Requests folder on my profile. I adore my collection of drawings from others, and I want to share them with everyone else who visits my page. Thank you!</b>


I'm in college so you have to be very patient for your request/part of your trade to be completed! I feel bad making people wait but I am very busy sometimes.


<b>All of my art is (c) to me. Do not use without permission or you will get reported. </b>

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Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Emily, formally known here as Roarie. A fourth year college student at my local art college, I am studying to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing. I have been drawing since I was tiny, and I've always known that I wanted to achieve a degree in it.

The Lion King came out the year I was born and I feel like I was born into the Pridelands. The Lion King has been apart of my life since the beginning. It was this movie that inspired me to practice animation.

I remember when I first joined this site in the middle of 2006 when I was in grade six. Now I am adult, but my love for Lion King has not changed! I am rejoining this site to give more fan art to our favorite movie that Disney has enriched us with.

I enjoy lots of activities when I'm not doing art, such as taking walks, hanging with my friends, chatting on Sketcher, reading, playing with my chinchillas, photography, and watching Disney movies.

Enough blabber from me, so please enjoy browsing my gallery and keep checking back for some new art. I am fairly active and check my email every day. I hope you leave a comment of what you think, for comments are greatly appreciated!
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