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Roaming Tigress

As you might tell, I'm a big fan of Scar :) Unfortunately at the moment I cannot take art requests, but I must thank you all for commenting on my stuff.

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I'm a 31 year old devoted fan of The Lion King who loves all things Disney. I am the mom of two dogs, Rat Terrier mix Matilda (Hamish has sadly passed away) and Suki the Shiba Inu. I have always loved animation and animals, and some of my hobbies include biking, hiking, reading and writing.

08:12 Sun 9/2/2007
you got some great stuff here =D
keep it up!

19:17 Sun 2/5/2006
WOW! Only 6 comments? Your art is really good, and I hope you get more popular! I love Scar too! Well, I love them all, but still...:) well, anyways, yay random picture generator thing otherwise I never would have found you :)

22:02 Fri 11/21/2003
Miss Manday
I can't believe I haven't seen you here yet!
I love ur art!!! I'd love to do a trade


21:43 Sat 11/15/2003
Cat Hicks
great stuff!! (horay for scar fans) keep it up!


15:20 Wed 10/22/2003
Oooh... Cool LK/Darkwing crossovers here! I never would have thought of it!

Keep up the great work!


04:09 Wed 10/22/2003
Agent 99
Hi, I saw your post to the LJ TLK community (I'm wimborne on LJ) and checked you out. Lovely art, very atmospheric and dark.

15:13 Mon 5/7/2001
Your art rocks!!!!!!!!!

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