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hey everybody! welcome to my page.

Also, I would like some ideas on poses I could draw lions in. Most of the time I draw the lions standing up, but I donno if it would be interesting to keep seeing lions standing around.

I already have a few things i can draw on here and upload them. This should be fun for me.

If you have any requests you want from me just leave a comment on my page. If you just wanna chat with me just comment on my page for that too. I'm usually on my cell phone.

Art trades in progress:
1) Wolf 777- He wanted me to draw his character Deigo. It is done just gotta upload it now

2) TravlerBlue- I got to pick a character to draw for him and I picked Lukio. I haven't started on it yet.

3) AlbinoRichie- I decided to do one on her character deigo. I kinda like his white coat is done just needs uploaded

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