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'Sup Bro.
I'm Dean.
I'm fourteen.
I love Thylacines.
I'm open for trades.
I don't do requests.
Although I will do one character requests on Sketcher.
You can frequently find me on Sketcher C:
You can also find me on, and dA.
My dA; Tassieblood
My Kupika; boaz
My msn;
My skype; letsraisesomehell

I don't care who adds me.
@_@ If you want to trade with me hit me up here, sketcher, skype, msn, or dA. I doubt anyone has kupika on here
That's kind of out of the question.
I love supernatural, its my favorite show ever. <3 I might possibly do fanart some time. If I do, It's probably going to be one of the better pics in my gallery because I'd probably spend like five years on it lolol.

Yeah. I write too. I love to roleplay.
If you want to do a LITERATE;
Not semi literate or script, a LITERATE paragraph form roleplay get ahold of me because I'd be more than happy to do one! <3


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