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Update: 07th Feb, 2011

<B>As You may know its not often that i post here anymore....but i do still watch others AND when im free form the day to day Work schedule i may draw the odd TLK fan art or some of my TLK inspired characters. :)

I'v been here for a many a year now...the Spirit Of the lion king still keeps me going, I'm much older that i was when i came here in 2005...and so feel out of place, but this will always be my 1st home, as it was here i posted my very 1st picture on the Internet.
IF you Wish to contact me, leave a note in my user comments or note me on DA.
Thanks for reading</B>

Gifts and Commissions i'v receved:

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Ethon By crocdragon89

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SKyler & Omega (commission) by atsaki

Im more Active on DA and FA accounts:
FA:(anthro art)
DA:(mixed art)

Newest Pictures:

13:20 Sat 6/25/2011
21:03 Thu 6/23/2011
15:42 Mon 6/20/2011
15:25 Mon 6/20/2011
06:47 Sun 2/20/2011
08:54 Sun 2/13/2011
08:08 Mon 2/7/2011
08:00 Mon 2/7/2011
19:49 Sun 2/6/2011

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Feb. 7, 2011, 9:03 a.m.
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Wowzers..its been a long long time since i was here... i don't really hang out here now. Check out my DA...

I might wonder this waterhole for a bit .. but like a blue moon its rare to catch me. Im a vagabond and always will be.

23:15 Mon 3/27/2017
Wow... it's been some time since I roamed these lands.... nice to see there's been a few changes. Though still the same watering hole I recognise.

11:56 Mon 1/19/2009
I luhahahufff your art! I saw your jack sparrow lion and I love it! It's adorable.

16:32 Fri 8/22/2008
Will you make me an equion char? Not to hard, please and thankyou, preferably male.

06:38 Mon 5/19/2008
Skyler Duma
Well hey there, I looked in your profile and it said you where open for Requests/commisions. Are you open for reqests or commisions? If commisions what are your prices? :]

If neither..uhh.... nevermind.. and uhmm you are.. awsome? epic?....uhh...your art is good! There that gets to the point. lol

16:00 Fri 4/11/2008
Hey shadow1987, I did have you in my favourite artists as someone caled "srg" but I've managed to link my artist as commenter accounts together so now you're in my favourite artists as Long John Silver.
I love your pictures, they're fantastic! Keep them coming!

15:27 Sun 12/23/2007
I saw your bulliten and I completely agree. This is a fanart archive for ART obviously-not flaming people. Just comment on the art, don't go around bickering a fight. Its so annoying and immature. Though I haven't seen it recently, it happens quite often.
anyway, you have terrific gallery here!!! :>

09:54 Sun 11/18/2007
Howdy shadow1287,
love your art and keep up the superb work.
you fan,

20:59 Mon 11/12/2007
Happy Lion
are you taking trade right now? if so, would you like to do one with me?

02:10 Fri 10/5/2007
cool pictures

08:59 Fri 9/14/2007
Hi shadow1987! You have really nice art! I like your gallery ^.^

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