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UPDATE: January 8<b> Intrested in Getting your Name Out?</b>

TLKFAA Artist Tamu and I have recreated the online newspaper for the entire TLK Fanart Community, called the <A HREF="">Monthly Mud </A>. After reading about it, Send submissions to <a href=""></a> </font>



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If you want to have an Art Trade or make a request, just email or User Comment me.

<font color=green>Current Art Trade/Collab/Request Status: <b>Very much OPEN</b> </font>

There are also a few trades of mine that I need returns for...if you think you fit the case, please email me so I don't have to be the one to nag! :P

<i>Feel free to Email or User comment me with any questions about anything!</i>

Still practicing and still loving comments! ~Razzi~

<u>I have <b>NO OFF TOPIC ART</b> in my gallery.</u>

(If you see any, feel free to point it out. I would like to keep a clean gallery.)

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Right....most of the important stuff you need to know is in my ARTIST COMMENTS (aka the offers I give...) and I always put my updates first. So check that. :)

As for the unimportant stuff-
Hello there! My lovely little Springhare fursona's name is Razzi and both of us just love being here at TLKFAA. I plan to stick around for quite some time. :)
I have four main characters, Razzi, Sami, Pierre, and Papaya. Razzi is my fursona, so she represents me. Sami is my dog if she was a Fennec Fox, and she and Pierre (my neighbor's dog if he was a Black-Backed Jackal) are best friends with love intrests. :) It's all very sweet. Papaya is my cute little lutino parakeet if he was an on-topic bird. I am also planning a large half-canon comic including two new characters.

I love drawing all sorts of stuff and primarily upload canon, just because that's what I feel best about uploading. I LOVE doing giftart though, but since I have a goal of over 50% canon, I don't upload it as often as I used to.

I try to be helpful, so if you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll try and help out. I find great pleasure in that sort of stuff.

I'm also quite active on Lilymud and I have an LiveJournal. Please check it out- I'd appreciate it!

Hmm, I think that's about it. Thanks for reading this, I'm honored. :P Enjoy your time at TLKFAA, whether you're just browsing, passing through, or are a permanant fixture. And three cheers for 100% on-topic art! :D
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