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There's no Simba or Nala or other TLK fan pics since 2008. Cause I'm not TLK fan any more.
Thanks this Disney movie and Brian Johnson for forming my original style. Hehe...
Hmm...and I wanna thank Barri too. He is my friend and draws very nice. I adored his style of lions and have learned, too.
I know he will say that's untrue but I have said what I have said)
Here comes feuer storm! I'm inspired with Rammstein)
Achtung! I have gallery on DA:

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Here some facts about meh.I feel like decepticon lion and...
I love:
horns and spikes, claws,saberteeth,outland-like bodyshape,extraordinary non-TLK lion style.
I like also decepticons and rock music such as Rammstein, NightWish(Tarja),Powerwolf,Tanzwut and other metal. I also like AC/DC with Brian Johnson (1980s 1991) and other old school rock'n'roll bands.
In drawings I prefer battle theme and roaring portraits. And I like lion crossowers- I like Star Wars theme and Transformers theme,too)
I hate:
love theme in pics! Rrrr!!!!! It's stupid annoying, it's plague!!!!
I hate cub theme in pics. Uhgh, children!! Bleh!
I am tired about Simba and Kiara. And Kovu,too. Autobots! Bleh!
I am annoyed with antros (furry) I HATE THEM!!! Rrrr!!!!
AND! I hate lionesses WITHOUT WHISKERS!!! It makes me MAD!!!!
And I hate sexy lionesses too. Lioness in my opinion is warrior!
I hate pop music and emo!!
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