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<marquee>Steal my art and suffer the pain. Enjoy my art and earn cookies ^.^</marquee><br><br>
And forgive terriblness i am a newbie to drawing lions. But defiantly not to the LK

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Welcome to my profile heh you make feel so speshil :3. I am very spazzy person whom loves to draw animals and sometimes people. I also LOVE to Roleplay and Write two passions that i have had for a long time.

I started drawing a looong time ago but i started drawing digitally almost 3 years ago.. My username is inspired by my favorite series the 'Rangers Apprentice' series a MUST read.

Here are some stats about me so you can know more about mua.

Favorite bands:Flyleaf, Skillet, Celtic woman.
Favorite singers:Enya, Lisa Kelly, Heather Dale.
Favorite Genre:Celtic and Heavy metal/Rock'n'roll
Favorite color:Blluuueee, annndd blaaacckk, and red :3
Favorite animals:Dogs, wolves, lions, horses, zebras
Favorite book:Rangers Apprentice Book 3:The ice bound land
Favorite series:Rangers apprentice <3
Favorite movies:Princess and the frog, Lion king, Clash of the titans
Obessions:Lion king, Ranger apprentice, Meh doggie
Enjoys:Drawing, eating yummy food, weekends, Lion king, friends, Rangers apprentice, Will(main charecter from Rangers apprentice), writing, reading...
Detests:School, art thieves, big words, tests, sadness, depression, being alone, revenge, hurting people, mean people, stereo typical girls, feminists
Other random stuff:I am 75% irish and proud of it... Did i mention i love the Rangers apprentice series?
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