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Rami Chan

Hey guys, just checking in. It's been a while. (updates and all that are on my profile).

Anyways, I'm hoping to start uploading here again.

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So it's been a while since I was on here and I was reminiscing quite a bit. While my style has greatly improved since I started on this site in 2007, I sort of strayed off from doing a lot of Lionking based art. However, I'd like to still show off what I've done and how much I've improved.

I essentially just need to go through what I have that would be considered acceptable here. And when I'm caught up on things I'll even start doing cannon work. I also miss creating the occassional character to throw up on the Trading Tree.

So some updates. I'm now 27 and have an AA in Art. I'm currently working on my BFA in Digital Art and hope to become an art teacher. I'm an assistant manager at a Pet store. Three years ago I was engaged and almost started a family..but due to some unfortunate circumstances that was halted. (Not gonna bog down with the not so happy parts!)

I've never stopped doing art - I just ended up moving over to Deviantart for a short time and then moved over to FurAffinity for an even longer time. Then, my time got taken up with school and now the majority of my art is on facebook. However, I'm planning on posting up everything I have to DA and FA shortly and I'm now also in the works of coding my own site.

I am also a very active member and admin of a local furry community that has steadily grown over the past year. We have monthly meet-ups and also participate in charity events. I also have my own two fursuits - a mischevious butthead of a hyena known as Vexrile and a beautiful but shy and flirty arctic fox known as Freya.

I hope to hear from some of my old friends and hopefully I'll feel inspired to continue uploading here again. I went through the new pictures those I have watched and have seen an enormous improvement from everyone which makes me feel excited. I hope you all enjoy what I start posting.
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