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*ehem* Welcome, pathetic mortal, to my gallary of awesomness. Tremble in both fear and respect as you come before my masterpeices. While you're here, take care not to get any of your filthy human fingerprints on my artwork. ~Raja

You Might just be lucky enough to know me and all my coolness. This means that you, as a mortal, might just live a bit longer than most once I finaly jump into the act of killing off your pathetic species.

Youtube: xAtoZor0to9x

Impressive Title forums: Midnight

Impressive Title In-Game: Gargoyle

Artgrounds: Gwaz_Girl

DragonAdopters: xMidnightStarx


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OMG I actually managed to take a decent picture of myself!!! Trust me, My complection is NOT that good. I just edited off all the acne. :P cuz I can.

Raja is BAAAACK!!! after being inactive for over a year... O_o

A Bit About Me:
My name is Madison. I am 15 years old. My birthday is January 19, 1995. I like drawing, singing, acting, reading, drawing, annoying the heck out of other people, meesing with people's minds (I'm messing with yours right now by saying that I'm messing with it, so am I really messing with your mind, or am I not? lol), drawing, uh....... thats about it...-_-'

Oh yes, and I do take requests. In fact, I LOVE requests ^_^ so feel free to ask.

And also, if you once, long ago, knew a user by the name of Gwaz-Girl or Gwaz, that would be me. ;)
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