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Qweztec Ardanti

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Hiya! I'm Arden. <br><br>
I like ducks, broadway, cartooning, writing, acting, singing, and drawing distubing smiley faces. Have a nice day. ^^ And may the duck be upon you.<br><hr><br><br>

I realize a few of you <u>misunderstood</u> what my old lookup was saying...O.o A few of you have flamed me via email...Well, I'll make myself <i>clear</i>...<br>
Heh, I know it's a 'TLK fan art archive'. But that does not neccesarily mean you need to copy TLK. Hmm- I'm trying to explain...Some people will pause the tv screen, just to draw a character. Or trace a magazine, trace a videtape cover, computer game box, etc (or look at it and draw what they see...ugh)- just so they can color it, add a "Special marking" to make it what THEY call their own *original* character, and brag about it. OK, maybe not brag, but claim that it is officially theirs. When targeted, they will almost ALWAYS reply, "Oh, well I was looking at it as I drew it, so I'm not copying"; "But the special markings make it original! It's my character!"; "You're mean, I hate you.". I know from perosonal experiene- online, and <i>offline</i>.<br>
You see, I encourage the artists that draw SIMILAR to TLK styles. Let's take Atan for example. Atan obviously knows what the TLK style is, but made it their own. Very individual, and you can EASILY tell that they <i>didn't</i> look at anything as they drew it. ^^ I hope I've made myself a little bit easier to me for further info if you need....But flamers will be pursued and sporked.

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Hmmm- hi. I like ducks, Ricard Gere, Broadway musicals, acting, singing, WRITING and CARTOONING. That's about it.
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