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Hello ^_^
I have not uploaded anything to my gallery for quite some time, and I apologise. I'm having some insane back problems from various things, including the amount of drawing I've been doing (not all of it is TLK xP ). I can really only do part of one each day, but I have yet to get started on one. School is quite hectic with midterms coming up. <Br><br>
Thank you for being patient, and always, thank you for viewing!<br><Br>
You can also find me at deviantART under <a href=>Quoo-Kitty</a>; (link).

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Hallo, I'm Quoo! I would have joined this place a while ago, but all of my work was traditional, and my scanner is broken. I got a tablet for Christmas, though, and I love it to death. Hopefully you'll be seeing plenty from me, though I am quite busy! I'm a theatre kid at heart, and so I'm in a lot of shows and might not always have time to draw. Whenever I get the chance, however, I'm drawing TLK characters. I suppose that's not so different from anyone here, though. ;P

Comments, Questions, and Requests are always appreciated.
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