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Name: Deen de'Marozi
Gender: Female
Species: Ethiopian wolf
Age: Undetermined
Zodiac: Aries
- quad: 4ft in length
- anthro: 5'4"
- quad: 80lbs
- anthro: 140lbs
Measurements: 36-28-34
<u>Quad Physical Description</u><br>
... will post ref ...
<u>Anthro Physical Description</u><br>
Hair: Short, dark asymmetrical style. Longer on left side.
Body: Fit and toned, but average sized.
Clothing: Tomboyish with a feminine flair.

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I am open for trades and commissions, but I am picky about them. I'll be straight up honest with you... If I don't find the character interesting, I probably won't agree to the trade. It sounds harsh, but I would rather be honest than disappointing c:

Thanks for the visit! ^______^

I am exactly who you think I am.</b></font></center>

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