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Queen Jamala

Welcome to my part of the archive! I hope you like my art!
Queen Jamala

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I'm a 17 years old girl living in Meppen - that's a small town in the North of Germany. I really love The Lion King! I saw it (the German version) first in 1994 when I was just 9 years old. And from that moment I loved it. Well, actually there was a - let's say - fan-pause. I didn't think of TLK for a few years and not until the age of 14 I started becoming interested in it again. I collected everything I could find and also have the English movies at home now! I can recite all the movies (both in Englisch AND German) by heart! I'm also very glad that the TLK Musical is in Germany (Hamburg) now and of course I have already been there !!!!

I started drawing TLK art when I found pieces of "How to draw TLK" on the internet. Later I ordered the whole book and actually learned drawing from it.

Well, I suppose that's the most important things you should know!

Thanks for reading this!

Annika a.k.a. Queen Jamala
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