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Uhm HI!... >_< O_O o_O

K so I dont have my scanner right now cause i moved to Florida. Well actually I do but a certain IMPORTANT wire wasnt sent in the box... So i cant plug it in =/ But im gonna try to find a way so i dont have to take pictures of my pictures anymore!

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Hey! Names Brandy. Im on this site cause well, I love the Lion King. And im trying to teach myself how to draw more and I could use some healthy criticism from people. So feel free to say my drawings look like crap. =]

Nicknames: Call me what you want, but my nicknames consist of, Raisin Bran, Bran Bran, Baby Girl, Bunnie, Mama [long story, i dont have kids], Sweetie, Britney, Cuzzy-Wuzzy-Fuzzy Pants, Hip-Hop Anonymous, & many more. Call me what you want.
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